Home Office reveals new code of practice on the use of CCTV

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Following a number of high-profile cases, as well as concerns raised by citizen groups and organizations, the Home Office has decided to issues a reviewed and revised code of practice regarding the use of surveillance cameras in public venues.

According to a news article on the matter, this new set of rules and guidelines will require police forces using ANPR (automatic number place recognition) solutions to put up signs on major routes warning they are in use.

Furthermore, the Home Office ministers announced that, while they support use of overt CCTV systems in public places where there was a legitimate purpose for them, they’ve also implemented specific measures in the new code in order to prevent them for being used in order to raise revenue for local authorities.

They’ve also revealed the fact that the new code of practice will feature specific provisions for local authorities, designed to prevent them from requiring the installation of CCTV systems as an automatic part of the licensing processes for public venues or taxis.

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