Implementing both IP and analogue outputs is the best approach to CCTV surveillance, Samsung believes

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Fitting CCTV surveillance equipment with both IP and analogue outputs represents the most cost-effective solution at this time, given the state of existing installations and the prospects for future ones, Samsung Technwin’s manager believes.

In an in-depth interview with SecurityNewsDesk, Mr. Simon Shawley, General Manager UK and Ireland, Samsung Techwin Europe Limited, explained the significance of this feature.

The Manager explained that all the cameras in Samsung Techwin’s WiseNetIII 2MP Full HD network camera range offer a hybrid solution, in order to mitigate for a variety of situations that might occur in the field.

He revealed that, while there are still a lot of analogue CCTV systems which are working perfectly and fit their original purpose, there are also many situations where the end-user requirements have changed since the original system was installed, with higher-quality imagery being required in specific locations.

Nevertheless, exchanging the whole infrastructure, including the recording equipment, in order to obtain higher quality images in a single location is a very expensive and quite unnecessary process. This is specifically where hybrid-output cameras can prove their worth, as they’ll be able to meet the more stringent quality demands while in the same time connecting directly to the existing infrastructure.

In fact, video feeds captured by these hybrid cameras can be easily transmitted over the coaxial cable and remotely viewed alongside the images captured by existing analogue cameras or transmitted over the network for remote viewing and transmitted over the coaxial cable for local viewing.

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