Industries That Require CCTV Surveillance

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Almost every industry and business across the UK can boost its site security with CCTV surveillance. It is a vital security measure that can benefit a wide range of organisations in more than one way. A CCTV system has the ability to protect employees, students and visitors on-site while acting as a deterrent to unwanted people. 

This article is designed to determine which industries are of great benefit to CCTV surveillance and to point out the reasons why a CCTV system can benefit them so greatly. From schools to hospitals to construction sites, this article goes into depth to demonstrate the ways in which each specific industry can utilise a CCTV system.

CCTV surveillance for schools

CCTV surveillance in schools of all ages is a must. From nurseries to primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities, CCTV systems have a vital role to play to ensure the safety of students and teachers on-site. Feeling safe and secure throughout the school day is crucial for all students and staff, and should be a requirement, which is something that a CCTV system can go a long way to providing. 

School Holidays – Off-peak hours for schools, such as weekends, nighttime, half-terms, or other reasons a school would close such as snow, is the most common time for an intruder to target a school. By using our CCTV remote monitoring service you can, firstly, significantly reduce your school’s operational costs due to there being no requirement for on-site security guards and, secondly, improving site security. Our monitoring centre is staffed by highly trained operators who are able to take immediate action on the video footage that they see following an alert, either by using the intercom link to warn away offenders or calling the police.

Student Safety – Student safety is the top priority for nurseries, schools and universities alike. Unfortunately, for the majority of schools up and down the country, the risk of accidents, abuse, and violence is inevitable. These events can occur internally or externally; bullying, unauthorised people on-site, or potentially vandalism or break-ins. With a CCTV surveillance system, these events are made manageable, and often preventable. 

Hospitals can benefit from CCTV systems

Hospitals are extremely busy places that are required to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Thousands of people pass in and out of a hospital every day, so a CCTV system has huge benefits from a safety and security point-of-view alone. Another benefit of CCTV systems in a hospital is the improvement of employee productivity.

Increase Safety CCTV surveillance can not physically prevent crime from happening, however, it goes a long way to deter it from happening. When people are aware that they are being watched, they are much less likely to commit a crime, trespass or steal. Not only this, but a CCTV system also aids security officers in keeping a close eye on who is on-site and to determine what happened should a crime be reported.

Improves Employee Productivity – Hopefully, the workers are dedicated to their employment, but we all know that there will be those who aren’t working to their full potential. That’s where cameras come in handy. Employees who are aware that they are being observed and tracked are more likely to put in a little extra effort.

CCTV for construction sites

Project managers are often faced with the dilemma of not being able to keep an eye on construction workers throughout the day, and having to put complete trust in them that they’ll get the job done on time and to a good standard. A construction site is a place of heavy traffic throughout the day and requires expensive equipment from start to finish. 

Monitor Construction Workers – The use of CCTV surveillance on a construction site has huge benefits, one of which is that it helps project managers to get a clear and constant view of the employees’ activities and progress. A construction site is a busy and sometimes chaotic place to work, making it a difficult job for managers to oversee the operation without the help of CCTV surveillance. 

Evaluating Site Development – Another significant advantage of installing a CCTV system at a construction site is that it gives supervisors a clearer view of the entire site’s development – making the life of a project manager that little bit easier when it comes to assessing the stage of development. 

Protecting Expensive Equipment – A building site requires large machinery and other hand-held equipment to aid with getting the job done. This largely has to be left on-site overnight with just a metal fence stopping passers-by from being able to steal them. Thankfully, a CCTV surveillance system acts as a deterrent for overly-interested passers-by and should equipment be stolen, the project manager has the ability to see who it was and how it happened – preventing it from happening in the future.

If you would like more information on our CCTV surveillance systems, whatever your industry you may be, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help improve the security of your business or organisation.

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