Infra red cameras are effective in any light conditions

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burglary infrared CCTV cameraHigh density urban areas and cities have been revealed as dominating the 10 biggest hot spots in the country for burglaries occurring per 1000 people. As well as the nation’s capital, Nottingham, Bristol, Reading and Leeds figure in the list. Nevertheless if you live in Hartlepool, Durham, there is good news because this is the area that has seen the biggest reduction in burglaries since 2002. City dwellers like Londoners can give themselves the best chance of avoiding becoming a crime statistic with a CCTV Surveillance digital camera or recording system.

Infra red cameras (an example is pictured) are ever popular due to their ability to see in absolute darkness. By utilising infra red light these cameras ensure security and safety for your home or site throughout any light conditions. Infra red detectors can either be added to body cameras, or often inbuilt infra red cameras are purchased. We are able to use a range of technologies to give your company the number one CCTV solution. Maintenance contracts are available for support of your digital CCTV systems and software, allowing you to tailor your support package to your own requirements.

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