Keep Thieves From Your Door

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Homes and businesses left empty at Christmas make easy pickings for burglars. Securing your property not only gives you peace of mind, but can also cut your insurance premiums. So how can you protect your premises, even when you aren’t there?

Electronic Deterrents

A recent survey of convicted burglars showed that of the 35 interviewed, two-thirds rated alarms highly for deterring a break-in, 63% said that they would probably or definitely not burgle a property which had digital CCTV and 86% believed security lighting could be an effective deterrent.

Security on the Cheap

Have a noisy property. A front drive or roadway with deep gravel creates a loud crunching noise to deter trespassers. For those who live or work in the country and have a bit of land, geese make for excellent security and a gaggle can be bought for less than £100. They make an ear-splitting racket when disturbed at night, are cheap to feed and can live to at least 20.

Thorny shrubs beside windows and property boundaries are great for ripping tell-tale bits of clothing and impaling uninvited guests. But beware growing a hedge that provides cover. Potential muggers and burglars may also use the undergrowth to spy on your property and launch an unexpected attack.

Digital CCTV Surveillance

If you are looking to install a digital CCTV security system on your premises then why not consider a system from CCTV Surveillance. We are experts in providing CCTV systems for industrial, commercial and domestic premises.

All of our systems provide the evidence quality footage needed for the pictures to be used by the Police for investigative purposes. Whether you require a covert CCTV system or just a regular CCTV solution, contact us for the best deals.

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