Keep your bank secure with CCTV Surveillance Ltd

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Bank HampshirePolice in Hampshire bizarrely were called in to guard an unlocked high street bank during a weekend. Officers were called to the HSBC branch in Tadley, between Newbury and Basingstoke, on a Saturday after a member of the public arrived to find the door open, but no staff inside. Police guarded the bank until the keyholder arrived. They said everything inside the branch appeared to be in order and nothing had been taken. A spokesman for HSBC said it was not clear whether the bank had been left open all night. "It’s hard to say how long the door was open – but unlikely it was open all night," he said.

Beef up your bank or security-sensitive premises with CCTV Surveillance Ltd, who offer a vast range of surveillance camera and recording systems. Among our many items, dome cameras are most popular because they can be installed discreetly on a wall or ceiling corner. Unlike body cameras, dome cameras come with built in lenses, usually one of two types: a fixed focal length lens where the view cannot be changed, or an adjustable vari-focal lens for cameras that need to change focal distance from time to time. CCTV Surveillance are able to uniquely customise your CCTV installation.

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