Local council considers making CCTV systems in taxis mandatory

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A local council is considering making CCTV systems mandatory for all taxis in its area, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

Sandwell Council is considering implementing this new rule by next June following a review of the local authority’s private hire and Hackney carriage licensing policy.

Though a mandatory CCTC policy was not part of those plans, the inclusion of cameras in Hackney and private hire carriages has been put forward for recommendation to the cabinet next year.

It is hoped the cameras will act as a deterrent to potential crooks while also helping to identify any offenders or witnesses.

Cabinet member for public health and protection Councillor Elaine Costigan said: “We’re planning a full consultation with taxi operators and drivers on using CCTV systems in vehicles and a report will be presented to cabinet in June next year.

“We’re looking at CCTV in taxis to improve safety for passengers and drivers alike. Other councils are currently consulting on this.

“Not only would CCTV reassure and protect passengers, it would also protect drivers from attacks, thefts, non-payment of fares and false allegations.

“This is a complex issue and not something we would introduce without extensive consultation.”
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