Local councils starting to shut down CCTV cameras due to budget cuts

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CCTV surveillance in the public domain seems to be, unfortunately, on a downward spiral, as one in five councils has cut the number of CCTV cameras on the streets, raising concerns regarding the levels of safety and crime, a new report reveals.

In fact, out of the 209 local authorities who’ve answered the Freedom of Information request made by a Labour MP, 46 councils have reported a reduction since 2010 or have no CCTV cameras at all. Obviously, the figures relate to “public-facing” CCTV cameras, managed by the authorities, not the ones installed in private institutions.

Ms de Piero, the shadow Home Affairs minister, said: “Cuts which have gone too far and too fast have led to a situation where one in five local authorities has reduced the number of public CCTV cameras they operate since the last general election. CCTV is a vital tool in the fight against crime and the Government is making it harder for communities and authorities to use and place CCTV. Worryingly this also comes at a time when there are 15,000 fewer police officers and when many local authorities across the country have started to turn off street lighting just to save money.”

Given these cuts in council-funded, public CCTV surveillance, it’s quite likely that more business and even home owners will decide to invest in their own safety and install such solutions on their premises.

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