London Assembly member makes public call for private CCTV cameras to be registered with police

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A Conservative London Assembly Member has issued a public call for private CCTV cameras to be voluntarily registered with police in order to aid police when investigating crimes, a media news report has revealed.

Referring to a report on CCTV numbers by the British Security Industry Association, published earlier this year, which found that privately-owned cameras outnumber public CCTV by a ratio of 70-to-one, Mr. Roger Evans believes that, by voluntarily registering the cameras to a database, private home owners would help police find relevant cameras quickly when conducting an investigation.

He said: “With limited resources the police should be working more closely with private CCTV owners across the Capital as the costs are minimal for the potential benefits. Pubs, clubs, shops and offices – who already own private CCTV cameras – should be able to register their details on a central website if they would like to help solve crimes in their area.

“Officers could then locate these cameras on a digital map and instantly contact the owners for footage in the event of a crime. Similar schemes are successfully running in places like New Orleans and Philadelphia. In many cases the footage is out there to solve a crime and we should have systems for the police and London’s civic minded people to work together in a simple and cheap way to catch villains.”

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