Measures to tackle crime in St Michael’s ward in Workington

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Revamped street lighting, CCTV cameras at a school, and a focus on homes previously targeted by criminals will be part of a £300,000 crackdown in a Workington crime hotspot.

Cumbria has been allocated £311,358 to bolster security measures in St Michael’s ward in Workington.

It has been revealed that ‘safer homes packs’ to protect 1,300 homes will be delivered by two safer street officers, based in the Allerdale Local Focus Hub.

Street lighting will also be updated in areas including Lonsdale Street, Clay Street, Milburn Street, Harcourt Street, Fletcher Street, York Street and Gladstone Street.

And there will also be a focus on protecting 150 homes across the area previously targeted or with vulnerabilities.

A public realm lighting scheme will be introduced in Vulcan Park and CCTV will also be set up at St Michael’s Nursery and Infant School.

County police and crime commissioner Peter McCall said: “I hope the residents will feel safer in their community and notice a reduction in anti-social behaviour.

“I look forward to working with Cumbria Constabulary, Allerdale Local Focus Hub, the West Cumbria Community Safety Partnership, Allerdale Council and Cumbria County Council to make Cumbria an even safer place to live.”

Workington MP Mark Jenkinson lived in the ward until 2015 and described it as a “hotspot” which would benefit from the cash.

Inspector for Cumbria Constabulary, Rachel Gale, said: “Crime has a lasting impact on victims and the communities they occur in.

“By working together effectively we will be able to prevent crime before it happens.”


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