Modern CCTV Surveillance cameras are state of the art

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new exhibition at the Tate ModernModern art and CCTV cameras… not something you see in the same sentence often. However, that is exactly what is going on with the new exhibition at the Tate Modern. "It is posing a question about the politics of spectatorship," said Simon Baker, Tate’s newly appointed photography curator, continuing: "We are raising questions about boundaries, about technology. There are serious moral questions about who’s looking, how they’re looking and why they’re looking."

Baker has assembled in the London gallery 13 rooms of images touching on themes of invasions of privacy. Maybe – or maybe not – it has escaped the notice of earnest art critics stroking their chins at the displays that in Tate Modern there are security cameras routinely installed anyway. Mobile phone cameras are used by protesters when the individual interacts with the state – perhaps that is the point of the exhibition to highlight these juxtapositions.

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