More CCTV cameras added in order to catch Newcastle’s rogue drivers

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Multiple latest-generation CCTV cameras worth an estimated £80,000 are set to be installed at various locations across Newcastle in a bid to catch and issue a fine to anyone straying into the wrong carriageway, a news report in the local media has revealed.

The cameras will be installed at the approach to the Tyne Bridge, at the Central Motorway on the Cowgate approach, the Great North Road between Clayton Road and Forsyth Road and one other location yet to be finalized.

The scheme, set to be implemented across the city later this year, is part of a wide-scale project to introduce standardized bus lanes, which will be enforced by the local council, rather than the police.

As part of this project, heavy goods vehicles will be banned from every existing no car lane in the city, except a few roads reserved for shop access around Barras Bridge and Percy Street, a plan that local authorities believe would tackle congestion and also ensure that all the funds recouped from fines (£60 for each occurrence) would be spent locally.

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