More CCTV cameras can be connected to a digital network

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bike crime Following his own survey Joe O’Mahoney says the amount of bike crime has risen in his home city by more than 50 per cent in the past decade. He said: “The feedback from the public has been great. I’ve had lots of people contact me with their stories of having their bike stolen and, although it’s a minor crime in the eyes of the police, it’s very personal for the person who owns the bike.” The Cardiff man, who has suffered three times at the hands of thieves, added: “I’ve had a few students and other people get in touch who said it’s cost them a lot of money to replace their bikes.”

If you or anyone at your premises parks a cycle there, a good way to monitor and protect it is via digital CCTV. This comprises a PC based, multi channel video surveillance system that utilises the most advanced compression technologies to bring you the highest picture quality and video performance. Compared to analogue CCTV, a far greater number of CCTV cameras can be connected to your network and viewed, all through a single PC monitor.

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