Networked CCTV cameras decrease need for ‘stop and search’ checks

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surveillance systems technology queue management Retail businesses protect property digital CCTV crime detection prevention workplace premises viewed from a single monitor guarding stop and search’ checksProfessor Joshua Bamfield, from the Centre for Retail Research, has discussed how some retailers are hesitant in adopting IP surveillance systems. He said a survey the Centre set up has “highlighted how retailers are embracing technology and recognise the role that surveillance can play, but there is still some resistance, due to collaboration between departments, that is hampering the adoption of IP surveillance technologies.” However, 60% of retailers interviewed realised the technology can be also used for queue management.

Retail concerns and other businesses need to take precautions to protect themselves and their property. In many instances, modern digital CCTV is the best answer to crime detection and prevention as well as many other applications at the workplace. By setting up a network of CCTV cameras on your premises, many locations can be viewed from a single monitor, thus decreasing your need for expensive manned guarding or ‘stop and search’ checks. If you are still unsure, visit the CCTV Surveillance Frequently Asked Questions section.

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