New 12m CCTV pole put up in Oakham playing field

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A local council has installed a 12m CCTV pole on a local playing field in a bid to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the area, a news report has revealed.

Rutland County Council has put up the pole in Royce Recreation Ground last month as part of an ongoing programme to improve CCTV coverage across the county. The cameras record high-res images, even in low light, and link into Leicestershire Police’s control room.

Council leader Roger Begy said: “The addition and size of the new column on Princess Avenue is needed enable images to be sent back to the recording hub at the fire station. This will enable the police to react to calls to the 999 centre at Enderby – allowing them to instantly assess a situation and allocate resources if necessary.

“This is a new area of Oakham for CCTV based on an in-depth review of reported incidents. We need to address residents’ concerns and are looking to arrange a demonstration of the system to alleviate any anxieties around issues such as intrusion.”

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