New ANPR system to help manage traffic flow at popular country park

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It is hoped that a new ANPR system deployed at the entrance of a popular country park, coupled with an increase in parking charges and more security staff will help better manage the increased traffic flow in the area, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

The Greensand Trust is tackling traffic problems at Rushmere Country Park, with ANPR cameras, security staff and a whole-day parking charge increase from £3 to £6.

A “faster more responsive” automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system will be installed in the coming months, and when the new system arrives, the parking charges will change.

A spokesman for The Greensand Trust stated: “As an outcome of Covid-19 and the various restrictions, Rushmere Country Park has experienced significant rises in visitor numbers, bringing increased pressure and wear on its infrastructure, increasing costs, whilst also restricting revenue generation.

“Although we continue to encourage visitors to come on foot, by bike or bus where possible and not to park locally, the impact of the increased numbers continues. When the site reaches capacity our entrance signs automatically indicate that the car parks are full and prevents access, this had led to some vehicles seeking to queue rather than move on as required, leading to significant disruption to local residents and the surrounding roads. We would like to thank Central Bedfordshire Council, for providing security at peak times in an effort to stop queuing on Linslade Road and this has eased the situation considerably in recent weeks.

“Rushmere’s parking infrastructure was not designed for this level of visits, leading to queues of vehicles trying to leave or enter at peak times. To address these issues we have invested to make improvements, and will begin to implement a number of changes to our parking systems over coming months, which will transition our parking system from a pay on exit, to a faster more responsive automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system with new tiered parking charge.

“This we hope will improve the sites overall capacity and flow of visitors in and out of the park and will better relate the parking charges to visitors needs giving options for short, mid and long term stays. We have also completed works to increase the available parking, whilst continuing to protecting more sensitive areas which are vulnerable to traffic. We hope visitors will continue to enjoy Rushmere and other local sites and keep well.”


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