New CCTV camera system to be deployed in Bournemouth

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A CCTV system comprising eight new high-end CCTV cameras will be installed in Bournemouth in a bid to stop criminal behaviour, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

The cameras, which have pan, tilt and zoom technology, will be in position in Boscombe, Pokesdown and Southbourne Grove by April.

BCP Council has received funding for the cameras from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset following a successful bid to the Home Office’s Safer Street Fund.

Five of the cameras will be positioned in Christchurch Road at its junctions with Drummond Road, Palmerston Road, Warwick Road, Seabourne Road and Parkwood Road.

Three will be in Southbourne Grove at the junctions of Wentworth Avenue, Chestnut Avenue and Grand Avenue.

Now the council has urged anyone with concerns about the cameras to contact them.

In a letter to residents and business owners, the council’s CCTV manager Tony Gleason said the areas have been affected by “acquisitive crime.”

He added: “After working closely with officers from Dorset Police’s local Neighbouring Policing Team and analysing crime data, we identified areas which could benefit from additional crime prevention measures.

“This included installing additional CCTV infrastructure which will be managed by BCP Council’s Community Safety Team. Following a consultation period our wish is to install new cameras by April 2021.”

The cameras will be used to monitor and observe behaviour taking place in areas with public access and will not be used for private areas. Trained operating staff will use the equipment and comply with the GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018 and the guidance provided by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and Information Commissioner.


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