New high-tech CCTV surveillance camera system deployed in Ashbourne

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A new high-tect CCTV surveillance camera system has been deployed across Ashbourne, in the Derbyshire Dales, as part of a new £100,000 district-wide investment in CCTV, a news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

The state-of-the-art cameras, monitored and recorded from an office in the leisure centre, replace units which date from 2007. They have been fitted to four locations in the town.

The new cameras produce higher quality images, record activity on the streets more clearly at night – and are aimed at making the area safer.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Dales District Council, which has installed the new cameras in Ashbourne, Wirksworth, Bakewell, Matlock and Matlock Bath, said: “The project to replace old CCTV cameras dating back to 2007 started last autumn.

“And now live high definition pictures are recorded in Wirksworth Town Hall, Ashbourne Leisure Centre and Bakewell Agricultural Business Centre, with broadband links in place to send the images back to the Town Hall at Matlock.

“The recordings and still images can be reproduced and used to identify individuals or incidents.

“High quality CCTV systems deter vandals and reduce reparation costs, reducing criminal investigation times and deter anti-social behaviour.”

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