Newquay’s CCTV monitoring service saved by local council

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As Government budget cuts affect more and more local authorities across the UK, local councils are forced to make some pretty difficult decisions, taking things into their own hands, especially when very important public services, such as CCTV surveillance, are concerned.

This was also the case with the Newquay’s CCTV monitoring system, which came under fire back in February, the as the central Government revealed plans to cut funding for disability recruitment company Remploy, which has manned the resort’s 27 cameras since 2011. And in order to save the team of seven members of staff operating the CCTV system, the town council took them on as employees.

The service costs around £80,000 a year, £23,000 of which is paid by St Austell Town Council, since the team also monitors 11 cameras in St Austell. Frontline police staff have always maintained the CCTV monitoring team is a vital asset in the fight against crime, especially during the tourist season.

Former mayor Andy Hannan, who led the drive to save the monitoring service when Cornwall Council offloaded it two years ago, said it was crucial for Newquay and stressed that recruiting the former Remploy team would not cost taxpayers any more – and could even save money.

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