North London households could get cheaper insurance premiums with CCTV

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cctv could lead cheaper home insuranceYou can use CCTV Surveillance Ltd to cut home insurance premiums and stop you paying the price for your postcode. Research by the price comparison website claims that those living in the centre of Bournemouth (with the postcode BH2) will pay an average of just £103.98 for their buildings and contents insurance combined. However, those in the most expensive postcode in Britain – Stanmore, Harrow (HA7) – will pay more than twice as much, an average of £286.50 for the same cover.

Insurers look at postcodes to determine the likelihood of making an insurance claim, and those who live in areas where there is more crime will pay more. You can reduce the cost without moving to the south coast by improving your home security. Premiums are usually cut for those with good security systems, including burglar alarms, security lighting and CCTV.

CCTV Surveillance Ltd installs, maintains and looks after domestic CCTV installations all over the UK. We sell body digital CCTV body cameras, which are usually higher quality than bullet cameras, from all major manufacturers and can configure a system exactly to your requirements. Digital CCTV body cameras require a lens to be attached to them and these generally have to be bought separately, but this allows you to choose the best lens for your needs. Varifocal CCTV lens, best suited to medium resolution cameras, start at just £19.95 each.

Finally, the fewer claims you make, the lower your premiums will stay; some insurers now offer "no claims discounts" on home insurance policies. Improved CCTV security will reduce the chance of making a claim.

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