Northampton’s Operation Lapland aims to drive down Christmas crime

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Northamptonshire Police has officially launched Operation Lapland, a county wide effort that aims to keep incidents of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour to a minimum over the Christmas and New Year period.

Local initiatives will target retail crime, opportunist theft, street drinking and begging and will make extensive use of CCTV systems installed across Northamptonshire, a local news report was able to reveal.

Sergeant Simon Pinchin, who is leading the operation in Northampton, said: “We are working with Northampton Borough Council’s CCTV operation, environmental wardens, security and shop staff and the NRCI, (Northampton Retail Crime Initiative) to prevent, disrupt and deter criminals in the town centre.”

In Daventry, the aim is to double the uniformed presence in the town centre during the Christmas period, with extra funding from police and Daventry Town Council to extend CCTV monitoring hours throughout December.

In addition, local authorities have re-launched a service where shopkeepers can text CCTV control room with incidents of concern (Text2Cam) and have pledged to have additional Town Council CCTV cameras installed.

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