NSI updates CCTV code or practices, adds cybersecurity guidance

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The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) has recently updated its CCTV code of practice by adding guidance on protecting systems from cyber risks and emphasising to end users the value of comprehensively assessing security risks and requirements, a news report has been able to suggest.

Providing guidance on best practice for the design, installation and maintenance of surveillance systems, NCP 104 Issue 3 has been updated to align with BS EN 62676-4:2015, (application guidelines for use of video surveillance systems in security applications), but simplifies system development and testing, by omitting requirements regarding system grading and certain image testing requirements.

And it introduces requirements for design areas that are not covered by BS EN 62676-4 – such as cybersecurity, detectors, video analysis, audio and cabling – and to reflect current technologies and terminology. The new edition supersedes NCP 104 Issue 2, which will be withdrawn from use on 30 April 2019.

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