One user can view images from all connected CCTV cameras

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Scottish Police Federation The union representing Scotland’s police officers wants to discuss planned spending cuts to the country’s eight forces. The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) has warned the projected nine per cent drop in the policing budget is equivalent to losing 2,808 officers. They want politicians from the main parties to attend a special summit before the next budget is fixed. The SPF said: "We recognise the pressures that public finances are under and that is why we are calling on politicians from all of the political parties to get together with us to debate what can be done.”

Acting in advance of falls in police numbers is possible with crime prevention devices from CCTV Surveillance Ltd. Our CCTV systems are integrated to work with a standard PC monitor thanks to the development of state-of-the-art CCTV software. The software allows individual users to set their own criteria for viewing selectedfootage from particular cameras within the network. A straight forward drag and drop GUI (graphical user interface), together with saved screen views provide the user with an easy to use viewing solution, offering a seamless single user interface to all connected products.

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