PC compatible CCTV can deter petty crime and vandalism

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cctv surveillance policeA police campaign to tackle four key areas of anti-social behaviour has resulted in a drop-off in crime by up to 20%. Operation LASER began in June 2009 in Scotland to enhance front line resources to combat vandalism, public space disorder, the proxy sale of alcohol to those underage and low level drug misuse. Officers who work in non-operational roles are now each committed to providing resource support six weekends per year. The numbers added to the existing Community Officers allows the service to provide a greater presence on the street. This drive was based on co-operation and information from the public, who liaised with patrolling officers, and resulted in a thumbs-up from the community.

CCTV is a key way to monitor, deter and fight petty incidents of vandalism and public disorder. We are experienced in the installation and maintenance of both large and small CCTV systems to suit any wallet, home or business. An unlimited number of CCTV cameras can be connected to your network, each of which can be viewed through a local PC. You can be assured that your CCTV system will surpass your expectations – contact our sales team via this link.

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