Pensioners urged to install CCTV in their homes to prevent theft and fraud

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A charity is urging pensioners to install CCTV systems in their homes in a bid to curb the phenomena of theft and fraud against elderly victims, which has doubled in a year.

According to a news source, Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) estimated money and goods worth £18 million was stolen from elderly victims, many of whom were targeted by friends, family or carers. Separate figures showed adult social services were alerted to 21,935 cases of alleged theft and fraud against elderly victims in the 12 months to March last year. Of those 4,168 complaints related to carers.

Two-thirds of cases registered by the Health and Social Care Information Centre involved allegations of financial abuse of the elderly by friends and family.

The figures have been linked in part to elderly people being cash-rich, thanks to generous pensions and benefits such as the winter fuel allowance, in combination with a rise in people coming and going from their homes to provide care.

It has led AEA to advise concerned relatives or friends of vulnerable elderly people to consider using surveillance systems, including hidden spy-style cameras, to catch thieves red-handed.

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