Plans revealed for deploying new ANPR camera system at popular Carlisle tourist destination

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A local company has revealed plans to deploy a new ANPR camera system and payment machines at Lanercost Priory and Tearooms in Carlisle, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

The heritage impact statement submitted as part of the application reds: “Both sites have remained car parking areas for some time and this is not intending to change.

“The character of the wider area will not be changed from implementing small-scale advertisements, cameras, and payment machines at existing car parking sites.

“The site has been subject to advertisement consent previously associated with the tearooms and car parking areas and various planning permissions on site.”

It adds: “It is recognised some sort of signage has been required on the site to inform visitors of the car parks, and therefore the proposal seeks to establish new signage, and car parking management infrastructure in the form of payment machines and cameras.”


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