Police asks for deployment of CCTV system at Glasgow Necropolis

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A senior police figure with Police Scotland has called for the deployment of CCTV cameras at the Glasgow Necropolist, a recent news report in the local media has been able to reveal.

The Glasgow Necropolis is a historic cemetery and tourist attraction, the 37-acre Victorian cemetery, east of the city centre, containing about 3,500 monuments and sculptures. As such, it is in serious danger of being affected by antisocial behaviour.

Glasgow City Council said the implementation of cameras had been explored but the topography of the site made it difficult.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “Community Safety Glasgow currently deploy two daily security patrols, staggered day and night, to the Necropolis and random mobile CCTV patrols are also conducted in the area to deter and detect antisocial behaviour. Foot patrols are also carried out within the Necropolis to deter dog fouling.

“There are also quarterly meetings between Police Scotland, the council, Community Safety Glasgow and the Friends of the Necropolis group to discuss any issues.

“The possibility of using re-deployable CCTV in the Necropolis was also explored, but the topography of the site made it difficult in terms of radio signalling.”

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