Police claims CCTV system helps solve 75% of crimes in New Dehli

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Police in New Dehli claims that their CCTV surveillance system has helped officers solve 75% of crimes in the city, a news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

While the CCTV system is not a very modern one and some of the footage is not evidence-grade quality, officers claim it is good enough to use for identifying people at a crime scene. At best, a senior officer readily said, low-quality CCTVs can prove a particular incident took place, especially if it occurred at night.

Criminals, acquainted with the fact that the cameras are of low quality, often use helmets or scarves to ensure their features are obscured in grainy videos. “The only solution to this is to install more cameras because at some point, perhaps at some distance from the crime scene, the criminal is bound to remove his face cover and allow us make positive identifications,” a Delhi Police inspector argued.

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