Pontypool RFC could get new CCTV system in order to deter vandals

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A local council is reviewing the opportunity of installing a new CCTV system at the local rugby club following a campaign of abuse that included arson attacks, damage to the main stand, and attempts on the scoreboard, a news report in the local media can reveal.

The local council in Torfaen is discussing the installation of CCTV in the main stand of the rugby ground at Pontypool Park and is also seeking legal advice over enclosing the site to restrict access, as a result of growing vandalism in the area.

Not only would this deter vandals, who are ‘hindering the aesthetic and functional quality of the venue, and presenting a continuous health and safety concern to Pontypool RFC staff, volunteers and the general public’, a council spokesman said, but it would also allow the historic club to apply for the WRU A Licence, which would enable it to progress back into the WRU Principality Premiership division should it gain promotion.

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