Rapid Deployment CCTV – All You Need To Know

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Rapid Deployment CCTV, also known as Rapid Deployment Asset Protection Systems or Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers, is a fully-integrated, self-contained, turnkey and rapidly deployable mobile CCTV surveillance solution. 

Why choose Rapid Deployment CCTV?

With its all-weather and vandal-proof design, Rapid Deployment CCTV is the ideal CCTV surveillance / monitoring system for remote sites and trouble hotspots. They have the ability to deliver enhanced remote situational awareness, as well as protect assets located in vulnerable or remote locations, where current constraints exist due to a lack of power and/or communications. They are the perfect CCTV surveillance options for construction companies or for public events who want the maximum level of protection for equipment on-site for the duration of the build, or for the safety of people attending the event. 

Rapid Deployment CCTV is a wireless, battery-powered system that is equipped with a solar/wind turbine, as well as multiple wireless communication platforms such as Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. This means that there is no requirement for power or network cabling to the cameras, while also meaning that you can get near-immediate surveillance coverage of your locations. 

Key features of Rapid Deployment CCTV

Autonomous system

Rapid Deployment CCTV towers can be entirely self-powered, with high-performance solar panels supporting an ultra-long-run fuel cell. The system is completely standalone, making it ideal for any vulnerable site without power facilities to have protection during unoccupied hours of the day/night and also meaning that fewer security guards are required for public events such as fayres, concerts, or markets.  

Cost Effective

Whether your short-term requirement is to cut down anti-social behaviour, eradicate fly-tipping or to give reassurance to members of the public at public events, installing fixed security cameras is not the most economical route to take.

A Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower removes the up-front cost of installing cameras and allows you the flexibility of moving the system to a new location as your requirements change. Over time, the system will pay for itself as you move it from site to site. 

Environmentally friendly

With an increase in concern regarding environmental issues, there has never been a more important time to invest in a CCTV system which is run by a renewable power source such as our Rapid Deployment CCTV kit.

Our Rapid Deployment CCTV kit is powered by solar and/or wind electrical generation which allows you to power your CCTV system without the use of fuel and you won’t have to run generators to keep them powered, ultimately, reducing your carbon footprint.

If you would like more information on our Rapid Deployment CCTV system or on any other of our CCTV systems, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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