Remote CCTV Monitoring – A Must-Have Service When Businesses Sites are Manned by Skeleton Staff

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The COVID-19 outbreak is likely to have a detrimental effect on every business, a majority of which will be asking their staff to work from home, where possible, in order to limit the spread of the virus.

However, that will, in itself, bring about a number of security concerns, as many business premises will be left empty and susceptible to crime.

With the labour shortages caused by the virus affecting UK Monitoring Centres and crime rates likely to the increase, businesses will have no choice but to turn to technology to support their overstretched teams and effectively prevent security incidents. When coupled with AI and Deep Learning, video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions are able to deliver vital information, empowering companies to enhance security and make better business decisions.

CCTV Surveillance – experts in designing and deploying comprehensive surveillance solutions

CCTV Surveillance has a very comprehensive level of expertise in the field of security installations, delivering high-quality, bespoke installations, designed to perfectly match the customers’ needs.

One of the main features of our CCTV systems is that they are integrated to work with a standard PC monitor via sophisticated CCTV software that allows individual users to set their own criteria for viewing selected footage from particular CCTV cameras within the network. Password and security features limit the viewing of certain cameras to specific groups of people, enabling you to securely manage who is able to see particular areas of activity.

The CCTV software enables “live” footage to be viewed remotely from any or all connected CCTV cameras as events happen and without degradation of video quality, allowing you to monitor your premises when offsite.

Its site tree facility allows servers and individual cameras to be accessed quickly, and the inclusion of the multi-site viewing facility makes the management of sites more efficient and responses to events even quicker.

Remote management of your CCTV network via LAN, WAN, or the internet is also possible through the CCTV software. Historical footage can be viewed remotely, and DVR setup parameters can be configured.

If you want to find out more about our high-end surveillance and security solutions, our dedicated product team is ready to answer all of your questions.

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