Scientists develop “bug eye” cameras that records 180-degree videos

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CCTV camera networks might be set for a significant revolution, since researchers at the University of Illinois in the US have developed a new type of camera based on a concept borrowed from insects.

In fact, the scientists have managed to develop a rounded half bubble camera, similar to a bulging fly eye, that has 180 microlenses mounted on it allowing it to take pictures across nearly 180 degrees, a news report reveals.

The camera employs stretchable electronics that scans the world like a fly’s compound eye, using integrated microlenses, photodetectors, and electronics on hemispherically curved surfaces.

As a household name in the field of surveillance systems’ installation, CCTV Surveillance will certainly adopt this cutting edge technology, as soon as it will become commercially available.

However, before the aforementioned “bug-eye” cameras actually hit the market, one of the best solutions readily available is represented by Digital CCTV Dome Cameras. These cameras can be installed quite easily on any wall or ceiling corner with all the cables hidden within the casing.

Dome Cameras feature built in lenses, either a fixed focal length lens where the view cannot be changed, or an adjustable vari-focal lens for cameras that need to change focal distance from time to time. CCTV Surveillance know how to create a CCTV security solution for your company and are able to uniquely customise your CCTV installation.

Additionally, the most recent dome cameras have a selection of high-technology features such as True Day/Night Filters for high-visibility black and white images at night time, built-in Infra Red Illuminators to see in complete darkness, and Wide Dynamic range, which allows the camera to see in extremely bright light as well as ultra low light conditions.If you’d like to find out more information regarding the CCTV Surveillance’s camera offerings, just contact our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.  

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