Sheffield Enterprise launches crowdfunding campaign following break-in

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A Sheffield-based social enterprise, restaurant and events space has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds following a break-in four days after reopening for outdoor dining in April.

Blend Kitchen provides opportunities to adults who face barriers when looking for employment, whether they have learning difficulties or have suffered from social injustice, offering them training and advice to receive employment in-house or across its hospitality network.

Earlier this year, the enterprise relocated to Ecclesall Road, having had to move out from its previous home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, four days after opening for outdoor dining, the company was hit by a break-in during the early hours of the morning, causing damage to the restaurant from smashed windows in the main entrance and stolen items such as valuable training assets.

The Crowdfunder campaign is aiming to raise £15,000, which will not only repair the damage caused but provide new security shutters, CCTV, improved lighting and a new secure front lobby.

General manager Justin Rowntree said: “Blend Kitchen’s mission is to help those that have faced barriers in life, and Blend Kitchen founder Chris Hanson and I are well aware that those who broke into the restaurant are people that could probably benefit from the work we do here.”

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