Singapore starts trialling ANPR system to facilitate traffic management

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Singapore has started trialling a new ANPR system to facilitate traffic management, a recent news report has been able to suggest.

The Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) has begun testing an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera system with Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) beacons at various locations along expressways and major thoroughfares.

The use of ANPR technology will facilitate enforcement, while DSRC beacons will also be installed in some areas to enhance positioning accuracy in Singapore’s highly urbanized environment.

The tests will enable LTA to determine the performance and reliability of such technologies under various real-life environmental and traffic conditions for future traffic management systems that will leverage GNSS technology.

The technologies being tested do not require heavy physical infrastructure and will be mounted on existing roadside infrastructure such as overhead bridges, overhead gantry signages and lamp posts, as well as EMAS gantries.

The new system will allow motorists to be charged according to distance travelled on congested roads, removing the need for physical gantries.

CCTV Surveillance – experts suppliers of ANPR systems

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a highly accurate system that uses OCR (or Optical Character Recognition) technology to accurately identify the numbers and letters on a number plate.

After identifying the number plates on any vehicle, ANPR systems can easily log the date, time and location of the vehicle, and proceed to carry out an action based on the data (save the information in a database for retrieval at a later time, issue an alert should the plates match against a specific database, open a gate, etc.).

While ANPR is commonly associated with law enforcement use (speed ticketing, congestion area charging, identification of stolen vehicles, etc.), the system has numerous applications designed for private use.

By installing ANPR cameras at a car park’s entrance and exit and checking number plates against an existing Access Control database, organizations can rest assured that only authorized vehicles are able to access their premises. Plus, with ANPR and automatic barriers, access to any car park can be significantly improved and streamlined.

Whether your site only requires a simple system with a single PC and scanner or you’re looking for a fully integrated solution spanning a large premises, CCTV Surveillance will be able to provide you the necessary assistance in choosing the ANPR system that best suits your requirements.

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