Software enables live CCTV footage to be viewed remotely

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CCTV footage convictionAn example of the power of CCTV is that it provided evidence that led to a man being found guilty of assaulting a drunken off-duty soldier. Members of the jury at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court saw CCTV footage of Peter Lightfoot pushing Lance Corporal Mark Aspinall’s head to the ground and hitting him with a police helmet. Aspinall, who included a tour of duty in Iraq, was himself initially charged and convicted on two counts of attacking police officers by Wigan magistrates who did not view the CCTV; but later won an appeal.

CCTV Surveillance Ltd install and maintain evidence quality CCTV software which allows individual users to set their own criteria for viewing selected footage from particular CCTV cameras within the network. The software enables ‘live’ footage to be viewed remotely from any or all connected CCTV cameras as events happen and without degradation of video quality, allowing you to monitor your premises when offsite. Infra red cameras are popular in town centres where post-pub and club incidents occur due to their ability to see in ‘absolute darkness’.

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