Stornoway taxis to install CCTV cameras

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Some 40 black cabs in Stornoway will be equipped with CCTV cameras for the first time to protect drivers – but they won’t be able to view the footage, a news report in the local newspaper has revealed.

City Cabs has announced it is giving its taxi drivers the option to have their vehicle fitted with a safety camera, after the scheme was approved by the city council. The company believes that cab cameras will make drivers feel safe at work and will “defuse” any situation that may arise in the vehicle between a driver and a passenger. However the footage can only be viewed by the council or police.

The new cameras will also be fitted with a part-time audio function, that will act as a “panic button” for drivers. This will give drivers the ability to record what is being said in their taxi for four minutes – in the event they were being 
verbally abused.

Gavin Barrie, convenor of the regulatory and licensing sub-committee said: “We think it is a positive move and we encourage taxi drivers to take up the opportunity. It will remain voluntary.”

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