Surveillance a front line solution to terror threats

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terror threatBritain’s most senior anti-terror officer John Yates has warned spending cuts would increase the risk of attack. The Times newspaper said Mr Yates described the cuts as "eye-watering". He claimed cutting 25% from the police budget (the planned amount of across-the-board cuts announced in last month’s Budget) risked weakening the nation’s defences against al-Qaeda, the newspaper reports. He was reported to have made the comments at a private meeting during the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) annual conference in Manchester.

CCTV Surveillance Ltd provides a front line solution to terrorist and other threats via its effective digital CCTV camera and recording systems. One of the main features of our systems is that they are integrated to work with a standard PC monitor through the development of sophisticated CCTV software, which enables "live" footage to be viewed remotely without degradation of video quality. Its site tree facility allows servers and individual cameras to be accessed quickly, and the inclusion of the multi-site viewing facility makes the management of sites more efficient and responses to events even quicker.

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