The Future: Intelligent CCTV Systems

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The Future: Intelligent CCTV Systems from CCTV SurveillanceVideo Analytics is set to be the biggest new move forward for the CCTV industry, with ‘intelligent’ CCTV able to make decisions and analyse the video data it recieves.

It is an ill-informed opinion that all CCTV enables is the ability to review an event after it has already taken place or to ‘spy’ on passers by. New technologies are able to analyse the video data captured, alongside the use of triggers, to prompt security actions for certain events or situations.

The ‘intelligent’ analysis of CCTV has been a sought-after solution for many years, yet with the increase of systems offering motion detection and analysis, it is becoming more available and affordable for businesses. Essentially the CCTV system looks for configured triggers and know how to react when they happen. Therefore by knowing how to react to situations, the security system can become proactive rather than reactive, preventing situations rather than dealing with the aftermath.

For more information on how CCTV security systems can be used within your business, and how CCTV Surveillance can enable better usage of your CCTV system contact us for a free security audit.

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