There’s one CCTV camera installed for every 11 people in the UK, BSIA survey estimates

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A recent survey carried out by the  British Security Industry Association (BSIA) estimated that there are between 4.9 and 5.9 million closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras installed and operational across the UK, which translates into a camera for every 11-14 people.
As a news report on this matter informs us,  the study also revealed that no less than 750,000 surveillance cameras are installed in “sensitive locations” such as schools, hospitals and care homes.
In fact, it is estimated that there are between 291,000 and 373,000 cameras in public sector schools, plus a further 30,000 to 50,000 in independent schools. Furthermore, surgeries and health centres have an estimated 80,000 to 159,000, while there are believed to be between 53,000 and 159,000 cameras in restaurants, the report said.
Simon Adcock, of the BSIA, said: “This study represents the most comprehensive and up to date study undertaken into the number of CCTV cameras in use in the UK. Because there is no single reliable source of data no number can ever be held as truly accurate however the middle of our range suggests that there are around five million cameras.
”Effective CCTV schemes are an invaluable source of crime detection and evidence for the police. For example, in 2009 95 per cent of Scotland Yard murder cases used CCTV footage as evidence,” Mr. Adcock added.
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