Thermal cameras and radar systems can help bolster perimeter protection and security

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Thermal cameras paired with ground radar systems are some of the best solutions to enforce perimeter security as they enable security personnel to be alerted even before a suspect reaches an organization’s actual perimeter.

When safeguarding mission critical sites, radar solutions paired with thermal imaging cameras are increasingly becoming the solutions of choice for perimeter surveillance and security.

Effective for outdoor, rugged environments, ground-based radar systems utilize high frequency radio waves to detect moving objects — including vehicles and potential intruders.

These radio waves can penetrate moderate weather conditions, such as rain and fog, as well as moderate density foliage, allowing them to see through common obstacles. Radars provide near constant coverage as they scan a property 360° every one to two seconds.

An advantage of thermal cameras is that they produce images based on radiated heat rather than reflected light. All living things and inanimate objects emit some degree of heat naturally, making them apparent to thermal imagers, even if the human eye (or visible spectrum cameras) may not be able to perceive them.

By relying on this emitted heat, thermal cameras yield images with greater scene detail in many challenging conditions, similar to those often encountered in perimeter protection applications. Thermal cameras are a 24/7 monitoring solution, not reliant on external light or favorable conditions.

Detection ranges of one kilometer or more are not uncommon with thermal cameras, making them an effective pairing with radars. Similar to radar, thermal cameras can see through moderate weather and foliage to detect intruders.

CCTV Surveillance – The Suppliers of Choice for Integrated Perimeter Security Solutions

Identifying threats to an organizations’ premises before critical infrastructure, business continuity or even employees’ life are compromised is a crucial issue nowadays. This is the reason why simple, reactive CCTV monitoring is slowly being replaced by proactive detection systems, capable of delivering an impressive situational awareness in any emergency situation, regardless of its specific nature.

Being a part of the Tensor plc group of security companies, CCTV Surveillance is in the best position to deliver a complete, comprehensive and highly reliable perimeter security solution, featuring, beside high-end digital CCTV monitoring, controlled entrance & exit to your site, car park control, additional access points in the perimeter fencing or high security protection of sensitive areas.

Moreover, high risk premises requiring 24 hour protection, irrespective of weather conditions, can also be protected using a variety of advanced detection solutions, such as Thermal Optics, as well as Ground Radar Detection, while advanced imaging and video analytics could be used for determining the nature of the intruder and increasing the effectiveness of perimeter security systems.

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