Trouble-free pubs will no longer be forced to install CCTV systems

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Following some serious concerns from pub owners and privacy advocates that surveillance cameras were becoming a legal condition of every license as a matter of course, the Government has revealed the fact that pubs in England and Wales with no history of trouble will no longer be forced by local authorities to install CCTV systems.

According to a news report on the matter, the Department for Communities and Local Government is to issue new guidance to licensing authorities, preventing them for listing a CCTV system on the list of pre-requisite licensing conditions.

The new code of practice is aimed at encouraging police and local authorities to consider whether putting in new cameras is “appropriate” in all cases.

Community Pubs Minister Brandon Lewis said: “CCTV has a role to play in stopping and deterring crime in anti-social behaviour hotspots. But well-run community pubs that don’t have a public order problem shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush.”

Quite obviously, this move is quite a welcomed one, especially for those public houses that don’t really have a record of anti-social behaviour. However, the truth of the matter is that, while installing CCTV systems in pubs is no longer mandatory, it’s still a good idea for owners, given the fact that, unfortunately, trouble might occasionally appear even in the most quiet and peaceful locations.

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