Video analytics set to become standard features in IP CCTV cameras

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Video analytics capabilities are likely to become standard built-in features for IP CCTV cameras as some of the biggest equipment manufacturers are making some very interesting moves in this direction.

The increasing demand for highly detailed, 24/7 video images tends to generate huge amounts of data, which requires extensive transmission and storage capacity as well as time-consuming monitoring and assessment.

One leading camera manufacturer, Bosch, has announced the roll-out of video analytics inside their cameras which means at the edge as a standard feature. By enhancing their existing and future IP cameras with this technology, Bosch claims it will enable users to effortlessly search through large amounts of video data and to pinpoint the information that matters most to them.

Implementing a video analytics system right inside the camera will help create an intelligent video security system, using metadata which already means adding sense and structure to video data at the point of capture (at the edge) and enabling each camera to operate independently.

Plus, decentralizing intelligence in this way eliminates a single point of failure (central analytics server), meaning that if one camera or encoder fails, the system maintains full performance. With built-in (edge) analytics, each camera in the network can then interpret captured video data and alert users of potential security threats in real time based on configurable triggers.

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