Video surveillance equipment to become increasingly popular across education security market

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Video surveillance equipment is likely to become a key growth factor across the US education security market, a recent market research report has been able to suggest.

The Education Security Market research report suggests that video surveillance equipment will see some of the fastest gains through 2020 in light of developments in the increasingly affordable, better performing IP cameras. These products have been favoured in recent years as a tool both to protect students and staff during major security incidents, and to deal with more routine disciplinary issues.

The paper also points out that the various types of educational facilities have different security needs. For instance, higher education institutions are large campuses with multiple buildings, generally including residential facilities, laboratories with costly and sensitive equipment, and arenas and theaters where large crowds routinely gather. Therefore, their security needs are relatively extensive and involve the use of more costly systems.

CCTV Surveillance – suppliers and installers of advanced IP-based CCTV camera systems

IP CCTV video surveillance solutions (also known as networked cameras, IP CCTV cameras, Network Cameras, Internet-enabled security cameras or web cameras) are the future of video monitoring installations, as they deliver superior HD-grade image quality and ease of use at a very affordable price point.

Networked cameras convert video and audio feeds into data, which is then streamed over a network or an Internet connection to just about anywhere around the world. Since they often use existing network points and cabling for faster and easier setup, IP cameras are also a most cost-effective and easily scalable solution than analogue CCTV systems.

Beside supporting a superior level of flexibility in terms of installation options, IP CCTV cameras also deliver a significantly higher image quality than analogue solutions, with megapixel HD-grade models recording evidence-grade footage that can be easily and rapidly stored onto a standalone network video recorder or on dedicated network storage and retrieved.

Furthermore, IP CCTV solutions can be integrated in a much more seamless fashion with other existing IT systems, in order to deliver centralised control and monitoring. Data from other security devices and from business systems can be associated with IP CCTV images and recordings to provide full ‘situational awareness’, while cameras can be easily controlled and monitored even from a web browser, due to the built-in remote operation capabilities.

CCTV Surveillance supplies a full range of IP CCTV cameras and network solutions, designed to meet and exceed and customer’s requirements, regardless of the site’s size, location or particular features.

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