Wandsworth confirms CCTV cameras make residents feel safer

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WandsworthA local authority has confirmed the effectiveness of CCTV by spending more than a million pounds over the next half-decade on cameras, despite the fact that the current economic climate is putting the squeeze on council budgets.

The London Borough of Wandsworth published a tender notice in April worth £1.4m over five years. The council has spent in excess of £20m installing CCTV cameras. Apparently it now has more cameras per person than any other London borough, with 4.3 cameras for each 1,000 people.

LB Wandsworth believes the number of cameras in the area is necessary. It said that its network "has helped make Wandsworth the safest place to live in inner London," adding: "The cameras make our residents feel safer and more secure and the borough’s police force use evidence from our CCTV footage in around half of the cases they bring to court."

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