Wavestore Software Fully Integratable with CCTV Surveillance

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CCTV Surveillance is now completely integrated with Wavestore’s software. Our CCTV systems now have the ability to pass access control transaction events to Wavestore.

We have also created a new document that gives full details on this integration and is available on request. Wavestore’s Head of Marketing not only sums up the thoughts of both parties but also explains what is now possible with this integration:

“Wavestore’s integration with Tensor combines powerful video data and advanced access control capabilities to provide a fully scalable and future-proof security solution to secure premises. Using our powerful Event Rules engine, alarms and actions can be automated whilst making access for authorised personnel easy. Furthermore, operators can review cameras from the Wavestore server and search for access control events during a forensic investigation following an access attempt or alarm trigger. The integration was a natural move for Wavestore and Tensor, with our complimentary technologies providing intelligent security solutions.”
Sophie Mills, Head of Marketing, Wavestore

For more information on the Wavestore CCTV software integration and to learn how it can benefit your business specifically, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today.

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