West Midlands police to monitor CCTV feeds from buses in a bid to reduce crime

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As part of a widespread operation aimed at making buses in Birmingham a lot safer, West Midlands police became the first force in the UK to monitor real-time bus CCTV feeds, a news report in the local media has revealed.

The operation involved a 10-year old bus that was filled to the brink with the latest-generation video and audio surveillance technology. The bus was followed by an unmarked police car with specialist “spotters” watching out for known offenders or suspicious behaviour, and officers armed with hand-held metal detectors were also stationed at bus stops and were in contact with cops in the unmarked car.

The new bus streams the images directly to a tablet or laptop in the following car using on board wi-fi and 4G technology, but the live footage can also be easily broadcast to control centres. Moreover, it is also fitted out with scratch detection technology on windows and is due to trial face-detection technology.

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