World’s fastest facial recognition solution for video surveillance applications revealed

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Ultra-fast facial recognition is likely to become an extremely important requirement for the future public CCTV surveillance systems, and now, a company called Herta Security announced the launch of what they claim to be the world’s fastest solution of this type.

Dubbed BioSurveillance Next, this system is touted as being 40X faster than conventional CPU based facial recognition technology and is apparently capable to process in real time, live or recorded High Definition video at a rate of 150 frames per second using GPU technology.

Mr Rodriguez Saeta PhD, Herta Security’s CEO, stated that “Herta is committed to delivering innovation and solutions for the new era of Megapixel surveillance cameras. IP video technology advances daily and there are enormous possibilities for face recognition technology. We are experiencing an unexpected high demand from many countries where security has become the crucial factor for business growth. BioSurveillance Next is the right solution for crime mitigation in the retail sector, as well as in other traditional sectors such as critical infrastructures, banking, gaming, or law enforcement.”

One of the features that makes BioSurveillance Next quite an attractive technology is the fact that it can be integrated with CCTV and Video Management Systems (VMS), and can even be added to existing CCTV systems. The system is fully scalable and is capable of simultaneously identifying multiple faces in movement making it ideal for crowd scenarios.

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