You can trust CCTV Surveillance cameras despite coalition review

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coalition CCTV review leakNewspapers the Sunday Telegraph and the Sunday Mirror stole a march on the palace and on Westminster by revealing ahead of time details of the Queen’s speech. An identity documents bill, scrapping ID cards and the National Identity Register, were three bills to be introduced by the coalition government, according to a leaked document. The incoming Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition will review the use of CCTV, it was announced when the Queen last week delivered her speech, which traditionally opens a new parliamentary session.

The Liberals especially are concerned about potential abuses of closed circuit television, but there are no worries on that account for the professional service that CCTV Surveillance Ltd gives. Part of the Tensor umbrella of security firms, we are the top installer and maintenance service provider of digital CCTV camera and recording surveillance systems in the United Kingdom.

Both the British Security Industry Association and the British Crime Survey (BCS), which identifies more than twice as many crimes as the recorded statistics and is the source that most authorities trust, claim public spending on CCTV is worthwhile. CCTV Surveillance Ltd models of CCTV camera have colour CCD sensors, so footage will always be recorded in full colour. We also provide cameras with a range of facilities to cater for differing light range or colours, enabling clear pictures whether day or night. Whatever your budget or needs, we have an answer.

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