Entry Level CCTV System

Up to 8 cameras


- Full 1080p HD quality
- Email alerts to motion detection
- Remote monitoring via mobile app

The entry-level CCTV systems from CCTV Surveillance are designed for small to medium sized applications and provide coverage of internal and external areas. Evidence-grade, HD-quality footage can be recorded for playback purposes while the visibility of CCTV cameras acts as an effective crime deterrent.

Our security camera systems feature advanced H264 video compression technology and can be easily configured to meet your exact security needs. They support the PoE (Power over Ethernet) standard for superior deployment flexibility and provide extensive remote monitoring capabilities, including via a mobile app.

The entry-level systems may include up to 8 cameras (8 channels), accompanied by a digital video recorder (DVR), offering up to 2TB hard drive space for recording video images. The CCTV Surveillance entry-level systems are suitable for a range of small scale applications, including:

  • domestic CCTV monitoring
  • small public venue CCTV monitoring
  • Small/mid-size business unit surveillance.