Mid Range CCTV System

Up to 16 cameras


- Remote monitoring via an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre)
- Motion detection and tracking
- Full 1080p HD quality images
- Web based remote viewing as well as via a mobile app
- Integration with PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras is possible
- Full support for PIR detection

The mid-range CCTV systems from CCTV Surveillance are designed to meet the video monitoring requirements of larger single sites or multiple sites connected via a dedicated communication link.

When designing and deploying a mid-range CCTV camera system, we take into account your specific security requirements and decided on the best possible positions for the cameras – entrance/lobbies, parking areas, elevators, hallways, aisles and more.

Our mid-range systems may include up to 16 cameras (16 channels), while the advanced DVR included in the systems offer up to 8TB worth of storage, a vast number of top-tier video management features, and an easy-to-navigate interface. The CCTV systems are suitable for a range of mid-range applications, including:

  • large office buildings
  • Smaller educational organizations (schools, academies, etc.)
  • storage facilities
  • Mid-size/large retail units.